We have a Winner, Again!

Ladies & Gentlemen, We have a WINNER!!!
Congratulations to
Nikki Blum LeiningerπŸ™ŒπŸ“£πŸ₯‚
You win:
4 Caramel Apples
4 Apple Cider Slushies
4 Hayrides
4 Barrel Train Rides
4 Fry Pies.

Stop on in and claim your prize. We will have it ready for you. Thanks to all who commented, they were awesome to read.
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Rain, Tomatoes and Corn!!

Well, I can’t quite figure out what this wet stuff is falling from the sky. Is that rain? 😁Yes, I think it is!!!! Boy do we need it.
In the meantime, just want to let all know that we have some VERY good canning tomatoes and now is the best time to freeze some corn. Both our Milky Way and Peaches & Cream are at their best right now, so why not freeze the best corn you can. πŸŒ½πŸ… Come play in the rain with us, we are open!
#brownsfarmmarket #eatlocaleatfresh #canning

Fresh Fruit Here! Get you Fresh Fruit!!

What’s up world? Happy Friday to all!! We just had some fresh, new and exciting fruit flown in from Amish Country last night. We have fresh Rainer & Bing Cherries, Blueberries, Freestone Peaches and Cherry Plums. Cherry Plums you say? Yes, and they are wonderfully sweet. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ And to top it all off we got a market full of fresh Fry Pies. Stop on in before they run out.
#brownsfarmmarket #eatlocaleatfresh


Customer Appreciation Continues Today!

Didn’t get your chance to try some of our awesome free samples? Lots more will be out Sunday too. Stop by any time from 11-6 for free roasted corn, free Hayrides, free barrel train rides, and some yummy free samples. This is all part of our customer appreciation weekend. Thanks to all of you who keep us going. Your kindness and compliments keep driving our passion. We love our customers!

Customer Appreciation Weekend!

It’s Friday Everyone!!!! Welcome to our 1st Customer Appreciation Weekend. Starts tomorrow at 8am. FREE! Hayrides and Barrel Train rides are from 11-6. We will have samples out all day long. Our fresh picked, homegrown corn roast starts at 11 with 1 FREE ear per customer. We will be taking donations for our corn with all proceeds going to charity. Our Tiny Town village and play area will be open as usual.. We have plenty of homegrown tomatoes to go with our corn. Stop in and have some corn, enjoy the company and bring the kids out for some fun!!