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Sales & Specials

Homegrown Strawberries!!!

Fresh Homegrown Strawberries. My sources tell me that these beautiful berries are traveling down the road from Amish country to Brown’s Family Farm Market as I type this! We will have these and homegrown tomatoes and asparagus at both the market in Ross and uptown Hamilton tomorrow.
🎉😃🍓🍅 #strawberries #homegrown #farmersmarket

Canning & Freezing

:::::Attention::::Uh–Hmm::::Attention::::: All the canning and freezing people of the world….We have your stuff…Please come get it!! We have Canning Tomatoes by the box. Both 1/2 Runners & String-less Beans by the Bushel. Freezer Corn that is fresh picked daily. And both White and Yellow Peaches that are AWESOME!!! Open until 8pm Daily…


Serrated Tomato Knives!!!

Good Morning Everybody!!!! Back by popular demand we have our serrated tomato knives in stock! Perfect for slicing up a tomato for a BLT, a hamburger, or getting the tomatoes ready for salsa. We also have nice sharp pairing knives. Stop in and get some tomatoes and a knife and have fun this weekend. Open til 8pm everyday…


Fry Pies are HERE!

Happy Saturday All..Who likes fresh Amish Fry Pies? Raise your hands!!! We just got a fresh batch in the store. Cherry, Peach, Raspberry and 8 other flavors all ready for your dessert after dinner. Or when you want a little something sweet. Stop on in and get yours today. They are going FAST!!! Open until 8pm Everyday.


Hanging Baskets on SALE!

OK! Who has hooks leftover without Christmas decorations hanging on them?? It’s not too late to put one of our beautiful hanging baskets on those hooks!! Right now we have all our hanging baskets and pouches on sale for $5 OFF the original price. Stop in and get one today to brighten up that patio or porch!! Open 9-7 everyday.