It’s the Holiday Weekend!!!!

Hello Everyone, It’s Friday, Rainy today!! But, it is the Holiday Weekend!!!! Sunday & Monday are looking fabulous!! We got everything you need for a nice holiday cookout this weekend. Fresh Hot Peppers, and nice Red Peppers for some homemade salsa. Yum!! We have our homegrown White & Bi-Color Corn and nice green beans and red potatoes. We also got some great Amish grown Butternut, Acorn & Spaghetti Squash in the store!!! Even though it is raining we are still open. Swing on by and get ready for your holiday plans. Be safe and enjoy the weekend!!!


Rainy days and Mondays…..

Happy Monday All!!! Such a rainy day today so lets brighten it up with some MELONS!!! Right now we have a variety of melons that all taste simply divine!! The “Sugar Cube” Cantaloupe(smaller ones) are the best Cantaloupe you have ever tasted. We have the Black Seedless “Sugar Baby” Watermelon that will make your mouth water. And if you want to try something different we have the Yellow “Canary Melon” which is a cross between a Cantaloupe and a Honeydew melon. And of course, we have both regular Cantaloupe and seeded and seedless watermelon. Come on down, grab a melon or 2 and brighten up your rainy day!!!


Fresh Homegrown Corn!!

Hello Everybody!! So who likes sweet corn? Well, a better question is, Who doesn’t like sweet corn? 🙂 You can go from the stalk to Yummy! in NO time. We are picking both our Bi-Color & White Sweet Corn DAILY! You won’t find any fresher corn out there. Comment below on how you cook your corn, and we will see who has the best recipe. I say boiling water, 1 cup of sugar, 5 minutes and DONE! Stop in and pick some up for tonight! Open until 8pm everyday..


Free Sample Weekend!

Hey All. Guess what? It’s the weekend!!!! Come on down for our Free Sample Weekends. This weekend we are tasting the Way Cool Wednesday featured products. The Savannah Flavoring Company, Peach Tea and Raspberry Lemonade. Not the ones pictured below, they are a little warm now 🙂 A nice cool refreshing sample while you peruse the store for your fresh veggies and fruit. Yummy!. Make a date of it!!! Open til 8pm.

Butler County Produce Trail

Hello Everyone. It’s a cool, rainy day today. But we are still OPEN until 8!!
Brown’s Family Farm Market is now part of the Butler County Produce Trail.

Proud too be a part of it! Come check us out. We have our fresh homegrown sweet & bi-color corn in house and ready for your dinner table. *Side Note* We won’t cook it for you 🙂