Spring Update-

Get your garden off to a

great start by starting with us!

We have a great selection of Pansies,

Succulents, Cold Season Veggies and more.

Market Opening Day

Wednesday April 7th

Weather Permitting

Special Greenhouse Open House

April 1-3, 10 am – 5pm

April Hours Wednesday – Sunday 10am-5pm

Closed Monday & Tuesday

Getting it started.

We have things up and running in the first greenhouse. We will be quickly expanding to the next few houses. It’s so great to walk in and feel the sun on your face with 70+ degree temps and fresh green growth bursting all around you! Yes we are weird- We love the smell of fresh potting soil.

Welcome 2021!

January is a month full of hope, anticipation, and planning for the new year. This past year was hard on a lot of people, and it definitely wasn’t without it’s challenges for us. It did force us to grow and expand in a number of new and positive ways. We are hopeful that we are able to continue to utilize what we learned, and implement several of these new experiences, to make 2021 a great year.

We want to say a special thank you, to all of our loyal, regular customers who continue to return year after year, and we are eager to welcome all those who were first timers last year, as you now have the opportunity to be a “regular”. The conversations we have with you every day are one of the most rewarding parts about this business.

While we are putting the finishing touches on our plans for the 2021 season we want you to know we are anxious to get back in the greenhouses, anxious to start knocking the dust off and loading up the store shelves, and anxious to start seeing your smiling faces once again.

We are often asked when we plan to open for the year around this time. This is very much controlled by the weather. Our goal is to open the first week of April, but mother nature often adjusts our plans. The best way to stay up with current info from the farm is to “like” our Facebook page. This is were we go first primarily because it is the easiest for us to update regularly. One of our goals for this year is to expand our range on Instagram, so you can also check in with us there. We are first and foremost farmers and people of the earth, so technology and communication are not our strong suit. We will continue to do the best we can.

So until the weather breaks, stay warm, stay safe and enjoy this time to rest and plan for the upcoming year.

Photo by Amelie on Pexels.com

Fall Family Fun Weekends Are Back!

It’s that time of year again! Our Fall Family Fun Weekends are going on every Saturday & Sunday. We have worked with the Board of Health to make these weekends safer and still loads of fun! Come get some fresh farm air and while you’re here, check out our hayrides, the Barrel Train, food trucks, picnic areas, corn maze, all play areas, farm animals, photo opportunities around every corner and the Big White Barn is open! Plus pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! Get your decorations, get your local grown apples, get your Fall on! We have a huge selection of fall decorations, local apples, apple butter, cider and our extremely popular caramel apples.

The store and play areas are open from 9-7 every day, now through Oct. 31st. Hayrides and Barrel Train run on all Saturdays and Sundays from 11-6, weather permitting.


Is it really May?

The unseasonably cold temperatures are wrecking havoc this year. We are taking all of the plants inside our greenhouses and market, and what we don’t have room for- we are covering for protection every night.

Here are some tips for the home gardener to save their plants during this crazy weather and until the threat of frost is gone.

  1. Bring any plants in a pot inside. This could be your garage, shed, or basement. Anywhere to get them out of the cold.
  2. Cover your plants that are planted in the ground. You can cover them with sheets, blankets, drop cloths, plastic buckets, even milk jugs with the bottoms cut off. Hold the edges down with rocks, bricks or anything heavy that will keep the covering from blowing away.
  3. Thick layers of mulch can help keep the heat in the ground and protect the roots.
  4. Make sure that if you use a plastic tarp it does not touch the plants. The plastic intensifies the cold and can hurt the plants even more.
  5. Be sure to uncover the plants first thing in the morning so that the plants can get warmed back up.

Pre-Ordering Now Available

We are excited to announce we now offer Pre-Order Pickup!

Our online and phone ordering is up and running. We are still working out the kinks so please bear with us as we try to figure out how to best provide this new service.

We are still open to the public in addition to this service!

Find more information on the pre-order page of this website.

Fall Family Fun Weekends are here!

It’s that time of year again! Our Fall Family Fun Weekends are going on every Saturday & Sunday. Hayrides, the Barrel Train, all play areas open and a few new surprises! Plus pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! Get your decorations, get your candy corn, get ready to get your Fall on!

The store and play areas are open from 9-7 every day, now through Oct. 31st. Hayrides and Barrel Train run on all Saturdays and Sundays from 11-6, weather permitting.


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Apple Lovers REJOICE!

Apple lovers, Now is your time! We have so many apples and apple related items it’s just plain crazy. Delicious locally made Apple Cider, Apple Butter (regular and no sugar added) , Apple Crisp Mix, Caramel Apples, Apple Chips, 8 kinds of Apple Sauce (includes 2 that have no sugar added) , Apple dip, and the ever popular Aspen Mulling Spices. It doesn’t feel like fall until you’ve had your spiced cider.

Don’t forget, we have at least 10 different kinds of locally grown apples we have been able to secure from various orchards in the tri-state. We work hard at having the best selection for you to chose from. More are sure to come as we reach peak season.

Customer Appreciation Weekend

Customer Appreciation Weekend is off to a great start! We have several free samples, sales and much more! You’re able to try some of our most unique items, including grilling sauces, jams and jellies and peach cider. 🍑

We also have special deals on several items throughout the market. That includes yellow peaches, grape tomatoes, as well as jams and jellies! We’ll also be raffling off a gourmet gift basket, along with a $50 Brown’s gift card to one lucky customer! There’s also plenty for the kids to do in our playhouse town and places for the adults to hangout and watch the kids play.

And don’t forget your free ear of grilled corn! Limit one per customer. 🌽

Come by and see us for some fun on the farm! 🚜

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