We’re now open 7 days per week! And there is ALWAYS something new to look at down here! Its time to get into those gardens and get your plants off to a healthy start! Whether you like to have a vegetable garden, or a beautiful flower bed for the summer, we’ve GOT IT ALL!! If you’re not the gardening type but love flowers, we have LOTS of hanging baskets and pre-made planters for your porch! You don’t even have to get dirty!! Or maybe you’re the fry pie, fresh tomato type! We’re now able to get local tomatoes and strawberries in limited supply! Not to mention all the new and exciting goodies we’ve gotten in lately! Here is a little tip for those of you who LOVE our fresh Amish baked goods…come down on FRIDAY’S to get the BEST selection of fresh fry pies, cookies, cake bars, and breads! See you soon!

Current Hours 9am-6pm, 7 days per week!

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