Is it really May?

The unseasonably cold temperatures are wrecking havoc this year. We are taking all of the plants inside our greenhouses and market, and what we don’t have room for- we are covering for protection every night.

Here are some tips for the home gardener to save their plants during this crazy weather and until the threat of frost is gone.

  1. Bring any plants in a pot inside. This could be your garage, shed, or basement. Anywhere to get them out of the cold.
  2. Cover your plants that are planted in the ground. You can cover them with sheets, blankets, drop cloths, plastic buckets, even milk jugs with the bottoms cut off. Hold the edges down with rocks, bricks or anything heavy that will keep the covering from blowing away.
  3. Thick layers of mulch can help keep the heat in the ground and protect the roots.
  4. Make sure that if you use a plastic tarp it does not touch the plants. The plastic intensifies the cold and can hurt the plants even more.
  5. Be sure to uncover the plants first thing in the morning so that the plants can get warmed back up.

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