Due to the global Coronavirus outbreak, we are now offering those wanting more protection a chance to still acquire our products, we are offering Pre-order, Pre-pay, Contact-less Pickup. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1- Check our availability lists below before placing your order. Items will be listed as they become seasonally available. (They are subject to availability, which means they may be temporarily out of stock from time to time.)

Step 2- Fill out the Google form found here.  Be sure to fill out all information completely including any special instructions our staff should look for when selecting your items that are of particular importance to you. (ex. Please list if you want your tomatoes to be a little firmer to last a few days, or if you want them soft, dark red and more ripe.)

If you would prefer to call in your order you can do so by calling 513-738-0404.

Step 3- A staff member will call you back to confirm your order, collect payment information, and arrange a pick up time.  A service fee of $3 will be added for the first $50 of your purchase, and $2 for every $50 after that. (Ex. Final sale amount of a $165 order would have a service fee of $9. Charged amount would be $174.)

  1. Orders will need to be received before 2 pm for same day pickup.
  2. Orders cannot be placed more than 2 days in advance due to rapidly changing perishable inventory.

Step 4- When you arrive at the store at your scheduled pick up time, park in the designated spots near the front of the building for Pre-Order Pickup. Then call to let us know that you are here. 513-738-0404

We are no longer able to offer plant material (flowers, vegetable plants, hanging baskets, planters) for our Pre-Order Service due to rapidly changing inventory. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you wish to purchase these items, they are available in the open air front yard of the market.

*Note that your credit card will be charged for the agreed upon amount while on the phone with the staff memeber prior to your arrival.

*Once items have been placed in your vehicle they are no longer returnable. Please know that we will always pick from the best quality on our tables in accordance with the detail you requested.

*Additional purchases can not be made from your car once you arrive. You will have to enter the store and make the additional purchases as usual.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and perishable nature of our products, availability and prices listed on website are subject to change. We have provided our employees with CDC guidelines on COVID-19, including hygiene-related best practices, and always practice safe food handling procedures.

We appreciate your patience as we grow into this new service together. Thank you for supporting a local agricultural business.